February 27, 2017 Garden Tips 0

If you are lucky enough to live in sunnier climes, you may well spend a great deal of time in your garden or yard enjoying the great outdoors, if you want to enjoy the best garden design  visit Maple Land Works, they are the amazing. In warmer weather, there is nothing nicer than sipping a cocktail or eating your dinner in the garden. Some home workers claim their favourite part of the house to work in is the back yard.

The trouble with reading or working outside is your ability to see the screen or cope with the glare of white paper is difficult. If we are eating outside, the salad or fruit wilts in just a few minutes when in the direct sun. Those of us with a fair complexion are also in danger of suffering burning or sunstroke if we are out for longer than a few minutes in the summer too.

If you do enjoy sitting in your garden to socialise or eat or work, you may want to make an investment in some shading. Many outdoor dining sets come with a shade, but they do little to protect you as they are only designed to shade the table. As you sit away from the table, you are not covered at all. Equally, if the sun is not directly overhead (which it rarely is), there is little to no protection on a least one side.


Shady garden photograph from Flickr.com

Gazebos or large, free-standing canopies can make a world of difference on a hot day. They provide a place that is always shaded and therefore always cooler. They can be purchased in a range of styles and vary in price dramatically, depending on the materials. Wood always looks good in the garden. Some people prefer wrought iron or other metals. Plastic will be the cheapest option but may not withstand stronger winds.

Sola Shade awnings and other coverings will also prevent too much sun shining on the glass doors and windows of your home. This helps reduce the interior temperature and avoids the discoloration of fabrics and woods indoors. You can also use a wide range of blinds or screens that allow the air to pass, but maintain privacy while your windows or doors are open. Equally, they cut out the amount of sunlight that will come through into the room.

For large gardens, some people like to use a tent or fabric gazebo. While these offer protection from the wind, any rain and the sun’s rays, they can be very hot and stuffy. Equally, on a cold day, they are very hard to keep warm. That said, they are a very good low-cost solution to accommodating many guests at a function or dinner, when the house is too small. They would take several people a couple of hours or more to erect, and would need to be dismantled soon after the event as they are not permanent structures.

Outdoor shading can be a great way to make your garden even more functional. Some people like to have ‘rooms’ outdoors so they can make use of any good weather as often as possible. How you choose to style your covered areas is up to you, but often, spending a little more could be a very worthwhile investment.