Turning Your Garden into a Living Room

January 25, 2017 Diy Garden 0

When it comes to gardening, it can be difficult to transform a space into something of beauty. But, you don’t have to fear the wild outdoors. On the contrary, you can have a fantastic space within your garden and yard setting. You can even turn your garden into a mini living room. While the cold… Read more

Home security protection has undergone a total makeover

July 20, 2016 Securtiy 0

Source URL:http://www.choosehomesecurity.com/adt-pulse-infographic Description: Right now, homeowners are spending around 10% of their income on utilities, almost half of which goes to heating and cooling alone. They’re leaving the TV on, the lights on, the thermostat cranking, and it’s resulted in $130 billion per year spent on wasted energy. As a homeowner, how can you put… Read more