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Choose beautiful lighting for your living spaces

We use much of our time indoors. Especially in the winter time, we might not even leave the house if we have the choice. Therefore, it is important, that we create positive, warm and inviting rooms, that we feel welcome and comfortable in.

Lighting has a huge influence on how we perceive a room, and the wrong lighting can make us feel sad, depressed and tired.

The opposite goes for the right lighting. A beautiful lamp can truly create a room, that invites creativity, reflection and a peaceful ambience.

Creating spaces with light

Louis Poulsen lamps are on top of the market for lighting design, and has been for decades. The classics, spanning from PH lamps to newer exclusive designs, provide lighting that caters to the needs of even the most difficult spaces.

A small room becomes bigger when well lit, and even a basement can be an inviting and warm space, provided with the right lighting.

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The lamp of a lifetime

When you buy true quality, it can last a lifetime. So it is with Louis Poulsen lamps, that have the unique mix of finest quality materials and exquisite scandinavian design. The lamps or works of art, as well as highly functional for the daily life in your living space.

Let your Louis Poulsen lamp stand the test of time, and enjoy your lamp for decades to come.

One of the best known lighting designers, PH, has created his timeless and elegant design lamps, that are sold under the name of Louis Poulsen.

A lamp for every room

The collections of Louis Poulsen lamps has lamps that fit In every room of your house. A beautiful pendant lamp is perfect for the dining room table, generously spreading its light in the room. For bigger rooms and halls, a spheric ceiling lamp, as the Patera or the Wohlert, hangs as a moonlike formation, welcoming everyone that steps through the door.

The wall lamps, such as the AJ Eklipta, combines pure functionality with soft roundness for hallways and narrower rooms, perhaps with little natural lighting.

The table lamps from Louis Poulsen can light up both the coffee table by the couch and the bedside table, making late night reading easy and enjoyable.