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Houses look great when they are brand new! But as time goes on, the once-stunning appearance of our homes soon becomes tired-looking. The exterior of our homes are perhaps the worst affected. They’re exposed to the elements, birds in flight and the effects of acid rain.

Paths and driveways soon get taken over by weeds and moss. Even our fences and brick walls look like they have seen better days! The news isn’t all bad though. That’s because it is possible to revive your home’s exterior and make it look brand new again! The following tips will show you how.


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The gaps between the bricks in your walls have mortar in them. Builders refer to these gaps as “pointing.” After many years of getting exposed to the elements, the mortar can become loose and erode away from your walls. They then leave unattractive gaps.

When this happens, rainwater can penetrate your walls and cause problems like mold. Especially on walls that take a battering from rain the most.

You can have a builder come in and “repoint” your walls. In essence, they will scrape away any loose mortar and replace it with fresh new mortar. The whole job can take about two or three days, depending on the size of your house.


Some people’s exterior walls are painted to match others in the street. As you know, paint tends to look rather dated after a few years. If that description sounds like the walls on your house, it’s time to give them some attention.

First you will need to clean the walls of any dirt and debris. Some people use pressure washers to do this, like the ones you can get from Able Sales. Once the walls are clean and dry, you can set about painting them!

Some folks use ladders or scaffolding to reach upper levels on their homes. Whereas others might use spray guns on extendable poles. I recommend completing this job during the summer for obvious reasons!

Another handy tip: only paint each wall when there is no direct sunlight on it!


Another problem area are the driveways adjacent to our homes. It doesn’t matter whether your driveway is made of concrete or brick construction. If you don’t look after it on a regular basis, it can look decrepit and horrible.

On a weekly basis, you should go and remove any grass or weeds that are growing through the gaps in your driveway. There are plenty of weed killer products on the market that can help you to slow down or even stop their growth.

Sweeping the driveway or using a pressure washer to clean it is also a good idea. And if there are any oil stains from cars, be sure to use a specialist oil remover.


It doesn’t matter whether you have wood fence panels or brick walls. These also need to be cleaned and maintained on a regular basis. For wood fence panels, you might need to “stain” them every couple of years to protect them from the elements.

Good luck!