August 9, 2016 Decor Home And Housing 0

Selling a property in a volatile market can be tricky. But thanks to House to Home, Home and Garden Magazine, and resources such as BBC Homes, every homeowner is now in the know (or should be) when it comes to those proven tricks to improve the appearance and salability of their homes. Clean driveways and curb appeal, the added reception space of a conservatory extension, loft conversions, furniture upcycling or just a fresh lick of paint; these are all great ideas for boosting your property value. But there’s one more quick and easy tip to help you make your home look more appealing for potential buyers.


Creating increased light in your home can help you achieve a desirable sense of space. And here are some cheap, simple or even surprising ways of making your house feel more spacious, light and airy.


Strategic Placement of Mirrors


The best lighting is natural daylight. Mirrors are a clever way of bouncing natural sunlight around a room – and tactical placement of reflective surfaces around the house can help you bounce light in the right direction. A classic decorating tip is to place a large mirror which is ¾ high against the wall, which will give you an instant feeling of more floor space. Get more mirror ideas here.


Choose Light Colours


Your home’s colour theme can be very important to how well your home receives light and how spacious it can appear. Lighter colours have the ability of reflecting light particles whilst black absorbs light. So choosing fresh neutral shades or soft pastels can really give your house an airy uplift. Ditch dark colours and dark wooden furniture. Opt for the clean Scandinavian look and paint your walls with creams, nudes, pastels, beige and soft greys or browns.


Consider Different Types of Bulbs


A commonly overlooked part of home design and refurbishment; your choice of light bulbs could make or break the perfect lighting levels in a room. So understanding the different types of light bulbs is important, such as halogen bulbs, low energy bulbs or incandescent. It’s also important to consider different styles of light fittings such as ambient lighting, spot lighting, task lighting and accent lighting. Find out more about how to light your home online.


Bring the Outside Inside with Frameless Glass


If you have a bigger budget to play with but no space for a light and airy conservatory build, frameless glass in the kitchen or living room can help you open up your home and bring the natural light from outside, inside your home. Frameless glass curtains can knock down the brick barrier between your indoor living area and your beautiful garden; bring the two together and let the light flood in. Find out more about frameless glass online.