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Description: Right now, homeowners are spending around 10% of their income on utilities, almost half of which goes to heating and cooling alone. They’re leaving the TV on, the lights on, the thermostat cranking, and it’s resulted in $130 billion per year spent on wasted energy. As a homeowner, how can you put a stop to this? How can you control the utilities you use and the amount you spend on energy? It’s easier than you might think: ADT Pulse.


ADT Pulse is the leader in smart home automation, utilizing Z-Wave technology™ to connect and control every device in your home—from your TV to your home security system—wirelessly. Transforming regular home devices like lights into “smart” home devices, Z-Wave technology is a protocol that allows for wireless signaling and control.

Invest in an ADT home security system from Choose Home Security and you’ll have access to ADT Pulse’s monitoring capabilities, but don’t forget to link cyber security to your home security, potential cybersecurity vulnerabilities related to smart home equipment fall into three main areas: wireless communications, passwords/user codes, and the security of the customer’s router/broadband modem, you don’t want anyone putting their hands on this info, it could put the life of your family in danger. Check in on surveillance feed, arm or disarm your security system, or turn off major appliances you might have left running while heading out the door—anytime, anywhere. With ADT Pulse, the power, safety, security, and efficiency of your home is in the palm of your hands.