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Canvas Prints

Canvas Prints And Floating Frames

One new funky way of displaying your photographs that has become increasingly popular is the use of canvas prints and floating frames. By simply adding a raised border to photographs they instantly give the effect of gallery-quality wall art and make great feature pieces in any home and generally brighten up any room they are placed in. These new canvases and frames are available from Picture Master in a range of shapes and sizes and are easily placed directly on to the wall.

Raised Acrylic Sheet

Raised Clear Acrylic Sheet

Another modern way of displaying your most meaningful photos on the wall is the use of acrylic or Perspex® sheet. The use of acrylic sheets serves as a far superior material when compared to glass, this is because the sheets are super transparent and have a light transmission of over 92% and really makes the colours in any given photo stand out and look vibrant constantly. There are also safety factors that make this way of displaying your photos far superior than traditional frames and this is because Perspex® will not shatter like glass and therefore there is a greatly reduced risk of being hurt whilst cleaning up the pieces if it fell to the ground. They also have a class 3-fire rating, meaning that they are far less likely to catch fire if exposed to heat or naked flames as opposed to traditional wooden frames for example.

Acrylic Blocks

Acrylic Blocks

Also continuing the use of acrylic to display photographs is the use of clear Perspex® blocks, which is an up and coming trend in displaying free standing pictures these days. Much like the wall mounted clear acrylic sheet method of displaying pictures, the blocks hold many of the same properties such as light transmission levels as well as being a lot more fire resistant than traditional frames and methods of picture displaying. Initially each block is manufactured by hand using the finest quality materials and diamond polished to give an outstanding highly transparent finish. Acrylic blocks also offer a far longer life expectancy and level of visual quality and can be easily maintained by simply cleaning with a soft brush or cloth when required and if the block is ever scratched in any way the marks are easily rubbed away with a light polishing compound.

Floating Frames

Wall Murals

Wall murals are traditionally known as any piece of artwork that has been painted or applied directly to a wall and have mainly been seen previously throughout history in places such as cathedrals, churches and even tombs. However in this modern day and age murals have been growing increasingly popular in domestic households. Any photo can be turned into a mural and is a great way of displaying your most treasured, meaningful photos. They can be installed by submitting a photo of choice and then either having the choice of having the picture transferred onto rolls of wallpaper that can be easily installed or by choosing to have a wall size canvas made and the photo in question printed to the exact size, ready to put straight on the wall.

Persoanl Everyday

Personal Everyday Items

Another method of displaying your most favoured photos that is growing increasingly popular is by incorporating them into everyday items such as mobile phone or tablet cases and even mouse mats. Any photo can be used; even multiple photos if you can’t make up your mind or simply want more than just one. Applying them to any given item can be as easy as uploading them to a website or importing them from Facebook or Instagram and then selecting your preferences, then your photos will be applied to your item of choice and send directly to you. This method adds a personal touch to any item you desire and can be great to display photos of your own as well as making a great gift.