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If you’re thinking about choosing a granite worktop for your kitchen, then you’re in good company – many property owners who have gone through the same process will attest that it’s all worth it. Granite is a great material, simply because it offers so many advantages. Not only is it durable, it lends the kitchen the elegance and practicality few other materials offer.

However, you need to make sure the colour scheme of the kitchen works out; you want a kitchen that is not only practical and high-quality, but lends itself to aesthetics as well. This is where it can get tricky – what kind of theme do you want? Here’s some expert advice on the best colours to choose for your granite worktop.

The basic colours

Whilst there are many colours available, it’s good to classify them and take a look at particular kinds of colours to see what effect they may have. Here are some:

  • Dark colours – They are a popular choice, because they not only hide the occasional stain mark, they also give the room a modern look and bold streak that never goes unnoticed. However, you should avoid darker shades in smaller rooms, as lighter colours make the room look bigger and brighter.


  • Lighter colours – If your kitchen needs some brightening up, than lighter colours are perfect for you. Lighter colours are also more neutral-oriented, meaning they usually fit better with many existing decors than darker colours do.


  • Going for bold colours – If you have a flair for the unusual and want to make a statement, why not experiment with bold and bright colours?

Check the lighting first

How much natural light comes into your kitchen through the windows? How much artificial light is there? The colour of your worktop will change according to the time of day and the lighting that is used.

Checking the trends

There’s nothing wrong by checking the current trends – and perhaps considering them. Find inspiration and see what’s on sale and what’s in fashion. Current trends: thinner worktops and natural colours.

We’re not suggesting that you should necessarily follow the current trend just because it happens to be, well, trending. In fact, sometimes going against the current vogue can get you better deals and it may work out better in the long run, as confirmed by granite worktops London experts from J.R. Stone. However, it pays to be aware of these things before you make a final decision. When it comes to colours and hues, so much depends on personal taste – so in a way, it’s better to go with your instinct. Rest assured that, no matter what pattern or colour you choose, your granite worktop will definitely give you value for money for years (decades) to come.


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