January 5, 2017 Garden 0

Manual lawn sprinklers can be such a pain to get out, untangle, and properly set up. If you’re facing a major front and back yard during an extremely hot summer, you’ve certainly got your work cut out for you. You have to remember to turn off the water, check to see if things have been properly hydrated, and put everything away once you’re done.On the most humid days, you’re often exhausted by the time you’re finished. One would think that in this modern age that there is another solution. Luckily there is, and it comes in the form of the automatic sprinkler.

If your lawn is full of dry grass and dirt, then you might want to consider investing in a sprinkler system that automatically turns on and off while you are attending to more important (and enjoyable!) tasks. This will save you much time and energy throughout the season. If you’re like most busy people, you don’t have all day to sit around while your grass and gardens get theirmuch-needed water supply.Just check out your neighbour’s yard. Is it lush and full of beautiful green grass even if they are constantly at work or on the go? The reason might be because they have special lawn sprinklers installed on their property!

Some of the best sprinkler systems feature multiple heads that water plants, flowers, trees, grass and more according to zone, soil, and other needs. All of this can be set up and installed by a professional company—they’ll happily determine your yard’s irrigation needs and then assist with winterizing the underground pipes when the weather turns cold.Modern timers are easily adjustable, and can be programmed for night watering to avoid any loss from evaporation. The best systems are able to detect rain or flooding and automatically turn off to conserve water. Therefore, you will never have to worry about forgetting to turn off the sprinkler(and flooding your yard!) during a sudden thunderstorm or while you’re attending to some important task.The onlything worse than mushy, marshy ground is seeing your exorbitant water bill at the end of the month!

As you can see, automatic lawn sprinklers are a must for any busy property owner. You can save money by limiting the watering time and you won’t have to wait around for them to finish. You’ll have a beautifully green lawn without having to think about it!Keeping your lawn lush and green should be a joy, not a hassle, so make the best decision of the season and invest in a commercial sprinkler system! A free consultation or quote is just a click away, so stop by the EZ Lawn Sprinklers website today.