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Many mosquitoes hover around various residential and commercial locations in Charlotte when the weather conditions are ideal for their swarming habits. One of the best ways to enjoy spending time outdoors when mosquitoes invade a property is by using proper products that are specifically designed for these bugs. However, in many cases, prevention can be an effective strategy, and a typical homeowner or business owner can manage mosquitoes by implementing preventive procedures during various phases of the maintenance process.

Practical Solutions

Although poisons and pesticides can get rid of mosquitoes, other options are worth considering if kids and pets frequently roam in areas where the bugs build nests. Basil and other plants have components that can successfully keep mosquitoes away, which is why many landscapers build structures specifically for bug prevention purposes. Plants that are lined around panels throughout a yard produce effective results because they produce fumes that don’t appeal to swarms of mosquitoes. If a yard doesn’t have space for plants, Listerine and garlic can provide the same benefits. Find quality pest control, they offer the best pest control methods and the latest products to control bed bugs, termites and other pests.

In some cases, mosquitoes may invade various zones on a property where strong odors can drive away guests. The best way to resolve a mosquito problem during these situations is by using a green product with has a mechanism that attaches to a hose. A mosquito prevention product that sprays through a hose can be used in nooks and crannies with ease, and the solution won’t harm kids or pets if it splashes during the treatment process.

Deter the Bugs

Mosquitoes will spend time in locations that are illuminated with bright lights. In order to reduce the mosquito population in these areas, all bright bulbs should be replaced with products that produce yellow light. If mosquitoes hover over tables on patios, torches can light up the environment while keeping the bugs away.

Professional Prevention Methods

If dozens of mosquitoes hover around guests who spend a lot of time outside, other prevention techniques should be used in order to ensure reliable results throughout different weather conditions. In high risk areas, mosquito traps can resolve a major bug infestation problem gradually in a strategic and effective way. This product uses propane to attract mosquito swarms and a special mechanism for trapping purposes. Although some mosquito traps are expensive, most stores sell units for residential properties and commercial landscapes for about $300. If the process of setting trap seems like hassle, consider working with the Mosquito Squad of Charlotte.