March 5, 2017 Home And Housing 0

Have you ever walked into your basement and found yourself greeted by an unpleasant mildew odor and your basement walls stained with watermarks? If your friends and family are remarking on the terrifying, “haunted house”-like nature of your beloved den, maybe you should take the idea of home renovation under consideration, using a reputable company like Seneca Creek Home Improvement.  If your family’s safety is of paramount important, it’s important to consider how you could make your basement a little less eerie and more inviting. Before you call the ghost busters, you should consider waterproofing your home.

Basement flooding and excessive mold can be caused by a number of things, including structural damage to the foundation of your home and poor climate conditions. Older homes often have cracks caused by plumbing problems,excessive moisture in the surrounding soil and weak construction. Even extra day’s worth ofsoil can suddenly cause structural damage to your home. When you investigate to find the source of your problem, you might discover that your basement has water damage and is leaking in certain areas. This is a big problem, especially when your diligent research shows that replacing your entire basement is too expensive. But what can you do to fix the problem without exhausting all your resources? This is your home – a huge investment that you’ve undertaken! Is it possible to have these specific issues repaired without redoing the downstairs level?

There are several cost-efficient tactics you can try in an attempt to repair the damage for your downstairs level. Begin by having the basement walls stabilized, which will ensure that the structure of your home is safe and will stop the walls from collapsing. Not only will your home be safe, but the basement will look better too. (Finally, you can impress your friends and family at your next movie night!)Another issue that cannot be ignored is waterproofing. Interior and exterior basement waterproofing is vital if you want to have a dry and comfortable basement.

 Leaky, dark basements are the ones that have the perfect conditions for mold to grow. Besides giving off a musty smell, mold can be extremely harmful for you and your family’s health, which is a big priority for most people, since taking care of their health and their family, offering healthy food and even getting exercise equipment as the foam roller amazon which help everyone exercising at home. It can cause breathing problems, especially irritating for individuals that have asthma, and in some cases, even cause asthma and respiration problems to begin. Unfortunately, different types of mold can be very toxic and can cause a variety of issues all over the body to occur. If the mold in your basement has gone undetected for years, it can even lead to death. Mold in basements can be treated through mold remediation, which is a process of safely cleaning and removing any remaining fungus. It’s worth it to ensure your family’s safety in the years to come.

As we’ve said before, your home is not only the place you live but one of your primary financial investments. Waterproofing your basement and ensuring that it is safe and mold-free is the only way to make sure that your home will remain in good order for the years to come. If you live in a tempestuous climate like Nova Scotia and you need help with your wet basements in The Valley, don’t risk it. Call in an experienced professional to secure your basement’s safety.