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The selection of blinds and shades available to consumers has exploded. Yet many people think they’re all the same or the selection doesn’t matter, while others simply find the process of wading through their options daunting. However, the choice affects everything from style to privacy to quality of life. Here are 4 simple tips for buying the perfect shades and blinds.

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Determine Whether Safety Is an Issue

If you have young children in the home, safety needs to be taken into account. This may mean going with streamlined cordless window treatments. If you have tall, difficult to reach windows, motorized controls allow you to open and close shades without having to climb on a ladder.

Decide What Factors Matter

Window shades and blinds have four different features. They control or may outright block light; they provide privacy; they are a form of fashion; they can impact your home’s energy efficiency.

If you want varied light control, you need blinds over shades. If you want to completely block light for privacy or the ability to sleep without outside light coming in, shades are your best choice. Insulating blinds and shades will block light and conserve heat. If you want to enjoy the view but keep out the UV and glare, solar shades made from a sheer weave block the worst of the sun while letting you still see out.

Don’t Forget Function

Our windows are a focal point for the room, so many people choose their blinds and shades based on appearance. However, they need to be functional, as well. For example, determine how much light and privacy you want. You’ll be able to find blinds and shades in the colors and patterns you want whether you want the light blacked out for a good night’s sleep or an airy style that lets in the light and brightens a room during the day.

Another factor to consider is the time and effort it takes to clean the window treatments. Blinds attract dust, so they need to be cleaned often. Textured fabrics hide soil better, and they can be either vacuumed or professionally cleaned. If you don’t want to have to dust the entire set of blinds periodically, go for shades.

Budget Based on the Entire Project

When you’re shopping for windows and blinds, factor in the budget for the whole project before you make a selection. If you’re buying new blinds and shades for the whole house, that beautiful selection for the front living room may be too costly when replicated through the entire home.

Note that you don’t have to give up everything. You could scale back the features or switch to a cheaper option on some windows. One solution may be using standard color palettes that complement the unique patterns you’ve ordered for one specific window. You can also select different window treatments based on the location of the windows. You may want to install cellular shades or sunscreen shades on western and southern windows to reduce heat as well as control light. Discuss your home’s layout with retailers like Next Day Blinds to understand all your options and for assistance in finding the right combination of window treatments for your home.

Window treatments are regularly promoted as a way to express your style. In reality, they affect your home in a number of ways, and this is why you need to understand all of the factors and their impact before buying blinds and shades.